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We Strive to Help You Achieve a Perfect Smile

At Izzi Dental Care, we strive to provide the best treatments to our patients because your oral health is important to us. Cosmetic dentistry is an essential part of our practice. We are thrilled to offer a litany of procedures aimed at improving the appearance of your smile. For patients with discolored teeth, teeth whitening is a no-brainer. Our Hamilton, practice, offers high-quality teeth whitening services that will transform your teeth and create a dazzling smile. Zoom!® Teeth Whitening is an excellent way to boost your self-confidence and enhance your smile.


The Benefits of Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

Many people have tried the store-bought whitening strips route, only to experience disappointment. That is because the chemicals used in those kits are not as strong as what we use in the office. Zoom!® Teeth Whitening is a dentist-grade solution that is incredibly effective at brightening teeth. The advantages of seeing Izzi Dental Care for teeth whitening are numerous and include:

Painless and Safe

Most importantly, teeth whitening does not cause pain or discomfort. And despite the stronger materials that make it work so effectively, it is 100 percent safe. The safety of the procedure is a major draw for patients who might not always love visiting the dentist. We can help set any concerns you might have at ease when you visit us for the procedure.

Perfect Whitening

Not only is our teeth whitening solution safe, but it is also effective, resulting in whiter teeth after only one treatment. Some patients who have significant discoloration will need more than one visit to see true results. In that case, we might segment your treatment into as many as three sessions for peak effectiveness.

Visit Our Office for Teeth Whitening Today

At Izzi Dental Care, you can count on an experienced team who understands how to achieve the results you are looking for. We have the expertise required to perform teeth whitening. Our state-of-the-art facility emphasizes comfort for each of our patients. Don’t delay. Seek out teeth whitening today.

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