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Teeth Extractions Including Surgical Wisdom Teeth extraction in Hamilton Mountain

The average adult has 32 teeth by the time they reach 18 years. However, the adult human mouth only has room for 28 teeth. The extra four teeth can create painful and uncomfortable situations. Typically, these extra teeth erupt around the late teenage and early adult years, necessitating wisdom teeth removal. Our Hamilton, ON office, can remove these teeth and relieve the pressure created by them. Wisdom teeth are essentially third molars, and they are not needed. We have the expertise and experience required to remove them safely.

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Why Removing Wisdom Teeth Is so Essential?

Technically, wisdom teeth do not need extracting if all the teeth line up and the gum tissue aligns properly. However, this rarely happens. Most of the time, the teeth take various positions when they try to align, leading to a host of issues. For instance, partially erupted teeth can create problems with bacteria in the opening surrounding the teeth. Patients will experience symptoms such as pain, stiffness, swelling, and even illness. Lastly, the pressure created by the extra teeth can cause the rest of your teeth to move out of alignment. For these reasons, it is essential to remove these additional molars immediately. If you have wisdom teeth and experience any of these issues, it is not wise to wait to address the problem.

We Offer Safe and Effective Wisdom Teeth Removal

We want you to have healthy, strong teeth and a full bill of health. If you or your teenager has wisdom teeth impacting the rest of your mouth negatively, there is no reason to wait. Contact Izzi Dental Care today and schedule an appointment to extract the wisdom tooth. We have the tools and state-of-the-art facility required to perform this procedure. Our experience and expertise should make our team your first call for wisdom teeth removal.

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